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Legal Disclaimer

    This web site (hereafter refered to as the Energetic Materials Encyclopedia or EmE) contains information regarding energetic materials, including but not limited to radioactive and explosive substances. Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the subject matter, the following stipulations apply. You are required to agree with these terms to access the EmE. If you do not agree with these terms you are not entitled to enter this site.
    The EmE contains detailed instructions regarding the synthesis, storage, and use of various highly dangerous materials. Such materials could be used in part to build an explosive device or similar weapon. These materials are hazardous and could easily cause harm to persons either intentionally or inadvertently. This information is presented for reference purposes only. The author of the EmE does not condone the execution of any synthesis presented. Therefore, the actions of any readers involving information found in the EmE is solely their responsibilty. The author is not responsible for accidents or mishaps resulting from the execution of information found in the EmE, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, costs incurred, arrest, incarceration, or death.
    The information in the EmE is presented on an as-is basis and is not guaranteed to be accurate. The author is not responsible for issues arising from the innacuracy of the information prensented or the inability of the reader to comprehend the instructions.
    Some of the materials described in the EmE may be regulated or outlawed in your area. It is suggested that you research local laws and regulations regarding the materials involved. You are requested to comply with all local and national laws and restrictions regarding explosives, radioactive materials, and other substances described. The author is not responsible for legal issues involving the possesion or use of materials detailed in the EmE.
    The EmE was written in the United States and the information herein complies with all current publishing and information laws. The EmE is not written with criminal intent. The EmE does not suggest or condone any terroristic action or other action involving deliberate injury or killing of other people. Readers are strongly discouraged from executing anything written here. The EmE contains no "bomb building plans". In the United States under the First Amendment it is legal to publish, distribute, and posses copies of the EmE. However, areas outside the United States may be subject to information restrictions on documents regarding explosive or other hazardous materials. It is suggested that you research local laws and regulations regarding the possestion of such literature. The author is not responsible for any legal issues involving the possesion of materials described in the EmE or possesion of the EmE itself.

    Layman's terms: What you choose to do is your responsibility. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to make explosives or blow things up. Anything that you should decide to do is purely your problem should you land yourself or someone else in trouble by doing it.

Grant of License

    This document is an original work by yours truly and protected by United States Copyright Law. The author reserves all rights regarding this document. The authror reserves the rights to control the distribution of this work - to limit where it is distributed, how it is distributed, and to whom it is distributed.
    Information should be free. However, because of the actions of an unscrupulous few it has become necessary to keep a very tight lid on the copyright to oneís work. This document is intended to be read in its original, complete form. You are granted the use of this document for personal use, and may keep as many copies as you wish in digital or print form. You may share and copy this document on a personal basis in its entirety only. With the exception of cases dictated by the Fair Use Law, you may not distribute any part of this document except the whole. You may not post this document, in original or altered form, on any public forum including but not limited to a website, discussion board, book, or magazine. You may not mirror or host this document on your website. If you distribute this document on a personal level you may not modify it. You may not omit sections, you may not censor it, you may not add to it.
    This document cannot be sold, period. Selling it for profit is not the issue. I donít care if you only charge what it costs you to print it or buy the disks to put it on. You are not permitted to accept any form of payment for distributing this document.
    Plagiarism is quite frowned upon. It will not be tolerated. ěControversialî content or not, if you are caught plagiarizing this document or violating the terms of this license I will, if appropriate, seek legal action.
    This document and all content and images herein copyright © 2002-2003.

    Layman's terms: You may keep copies of the EmE for your own reference. You may print it if you want your copy to be printed. You may pass copies on to your friends personally, but you may not post the EmE in whole or any part on your web site, publish it in a magazine, newspaper, book, or other distributed media. You may not charge money for any complete copies of the EmE that you distribute. You are not permitted to modify the content of the EmE in any way.


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