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Why do you only have explosive formulas on your site? Where are the poisons, drugs, and chemical weapons plans?
    Poisons, drugs, and so on are not by definition energetic materials. More to the point, however, is the fact that the aim of this site is not to instruct people how to hurt or kill others. Explosives and other energetic materials have legitimate uses and are chemically interesting for reasons other than killing. Poisons and other chemical and biological weapons are just that - Weapons. They have no legitimate use and no place in the EmE. I will not cover them.

What's the deal with the "PocketPC Friendly" message on the main page?
    The EmE is written with basic HTML and does not use wide format tables, images, or other elements that will prevent the site from being viewed on a small screen device. To wit, the EmE can be read in full on a PocketPC or similar portable web browsing device. The EmE does not directly support AvantGo or other offline web browsing services - It is merely formatted to be viewed on a PocketPC screen as well as a full size screen.

Can I download the EmE to my hard drive? How?
    The EmE is formatted with relative links so as long as the directory structure is intact all of its elements (images, links) will work even if the files are on your hard drive. You can download the EmE in its entirety (.ZIP format) here.
    Be advised that the downloaded form of the EmE is subject to the same disclaimer and grant of license terms as the online version.


Isn't telling us all this illegal?
    Dissemination of "bomb making plans" on the internet with criminal intent is a crime. The part about 'criminal intent' is the most important. The EmE does not express criminal intent. In fact, various parts of the EmE specifically recommend against it. The EmE also does not, while we are being technical, disseminate bomb making plans. The EmE deals soley with energetic materials. While a large slice of these materials are explosives in themselves, there are no plans on this site detailing finished explosives, salutes, pyrotechnics, or "bombs" whatsoever. Therefore, the EmE itself is legal. The Anarchys Cookbook, as another example, has specific instances of suggested criminal intent such as blowing up mailboxes, cars, and schools. In addition to being largely incorrect, then, the Anarchy Cookbook is thus illegal. The EmE is not.

But isn't doing it illegal?
    That depends on local laws and regulations. For the most part, the construction of any explosive device without the proper paperwork is a crime. In many cases simply preparing an explosive material itself is a crime. That legislation falls apart, however, when one considers that a rudimentary explosive can be made simply by leaving your stove on too long. In any case, the EmE does not specifically condone the construction of any explosive device or the synthesis of any explosive material. In layman's terms, simply because I'm telling you how doesn't mean you should go out and do it.

My little Timmy blew off his hand/took out an eye/brought a bomb to school/hurt himself in some foolish manner and later mentioned your site. I'm going to sue you!
    No you're not. Little Timmy had to read through and agree to a disclaimer before he entered this site. All of his actions, boneheaded as they may be, are his responsibility and not mine. I make this clear repeatedly. Also, as stated above, if little Timmy learned how to make the pipe bomb or whatever he killed himself with on the internet he did not learn it here as the EmE has no bomb plans.
    Additional legal issues are addressed in detail on the Legal and Disclaimer page.

I don't want my kids to have their minds corrupted by your filth. How do I keep them off your site?
    The EmE does not specifically cooperate with any internet filtering program or service. However, keyword blocking programs and services will probably block it by word association and it's only a matter of time before the web filtering databases are made aware of its presence. If you are truly that paranoid about it, invest in a commercial web filtering program.

    No, not really. I freely admit that I do not know everything and had to look up quite a bit of information for the articles in the EmE. However, I list and credit my sources as need be. That's partly what the External Resources pages on the articles are for, you know.
    Rest assured that I do not condone plagiarism of any sort. I do not engage in it and I expect others to treat my work the same way. To wit, if you plagiarize this site you had better pray that I don't notice. You are not allowed to copy this site and post it in any public forum in whole or in part. See also: Legal Page.

Articles, Expression, Accuracy

What's the deal with the amounts in your recipes? Sometimes they're in percent, sometimes they've got units.
    There is, in fact, a method to the madness. In syntheses that use ingredients that are all of the same type (solid, powder, liquid, &c.) I will express amounts in terms of percent. This way you can easily scale the recipe to your tastes as long as you keep your ingredient percentages in mind. For recipes that use ingredients of mixed types, say one liquid component and one solid, I will give concrete amounts in terms of grams, milliliters, and so on. I have to do this because there is no real relationship between percent by weight (solid ingredients) and percent by volume (liquid ingredients). You can scale these recipes as well, but you will have to do so by multiplying amounts. Sometimes I give ingredient amounts as a suggestion of batch size - I only quote a 1 gram yield of Nitrogen Tri-Iodide, for instance, because the stuff is dangerous in any amount larger than that.

I found something that's wrong on your site.
    Well, that'll teach me to be human. Drop me a line via Email and tell me about it. Be sure to include a source or two if you can. I tend not to reply to people who merely insist that I'm wrong and refuse to provide proof.


Can I link your site?
    There's really not a whole lot that I can do to stop you, is there? Feel free. It would be nice if you told be about it beforehand. I do not use link or ad banners on the EmE. I do have, however, standard sized banners for the EmE if your site uses banners.

How do I get you to link my site?
    Email me about it and include a link to your site. I'll review it and if it's worthwhile I'll link it. If it doesn't cut it I won't. If your site doesn't get linked please don't pester me about it incessantly. If I don't like your site, too bad. If you change it drastically for the better I may consider it.
    I do not use link or ad banners on the EmE. I do have, however, standard sized banners for the EmE if your site uses banners.

Why did you link my site?
    Obviously because it's relevant and you did a good job on it. I notify everyone that gets linked on the Links page, but I don't notify people whose sites I use as sources on External References pages.

Can I mirror your site?
    No. See also: Legal Page, FAQ: Plagiarism.

Stupid Questions

Where are the bomb plans?
    The EmE does not cover "bombs". The purpose of the EmE is a reference for energetic materials only. This means, in layman's terms, explosives. It deals only in the chemical and preparation aspects of things and does not cover the construction, use, or deployment of finished explosive devices or "bombs". It likewise does not cover pyrotechnic devices, antipersonnel devices, rockets, cannons, or anything that's not an energetic material. If you need more direction on how to blow things up you will need to find them elsewhere.

I want to set something off in school / I want revenge on someone / How do I build easy bombs / How do I build (object) ?
    I've said before that the EmE is not written to deal with bombs. I don't officially condone hurting or killing other people. This isn't the Anarchy Cookbook. I don't deal with idiots that can't build their own pipe bombs, blow up their own enemies cars, or get expelled from their own schools. That's not my problem.
    It really irks me when people jump out of the woodwork and ask me "how I make bombs out of household items?" or "I need help building this inane and pointless explosive object." Doing your own research is your job, not mine. If you can't figure it out and you can't fathom how to work Google you need to quit pestering me and find a new hobby.

Why can't I use the "Up to Main Index" button on the disclaimer page?
    Because the disclaimer page can be accessed from the short disclaimer page that you see when you first enter the site. Allowing a jump to the index from it would provide a loophole for users to enter the EmE proper without agreeing to the disclaimer and terms of use.


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