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Whistle Mix Salutes

Submitted by: "Randy Walters"



Methyl alcohol/boric acid flame

Submitted by: "Starcraft"




When boric acid is mixed with methyl alcohol, methyl borate is formed. The ratio to this mixture is a few teaspoons of boric acid which can be easily obtained at the pharmacy. To every gallon of methyl alcohol.
The methyl alcohol can be found as "HEET" I think its in some kind of antifreeze, the the hardware store, some say it can be found in autoshops, and gas stations.


Submitted by: "K9"





Smokecomp is a nice capture from a composition that included naphthalene, zinc, and sulfur among other things.

Now the other two pics come with a bit of a story. Brick1 is a pic of what the brick looked like before the blast (i put the pieces together).
I had used this brick before to light off compositions on top of. I had also used it for small amounts of AP, never with any problems. I had about 3 or so grams of AP in a film canister so i stuck in into one of the holes on the brick. I lit the fuse and moved away and heard the familiar AP sound. Nothing out ofthe ordinary.
But when i came back to see the brick, I found the two big pieces of the brick (on the left in brick2) lying on their sides about a foot away from the original placement of the brick. After noticing that there were more pieces missing, I looked around a bit and found the other pieces (the 2 pieces on the right in brick2). One piece was about 10 feet to the left of the original placement of the brick, and one piece was about 10 feet to the right. Well so much for that brick.

Party Poppers

Submitted by: "Jacob Rivello"

Info: (html instructional file)

Can be used to set off LE's and some sensitive primaries. Add extra string, to the pull string for safety reasons.

500 Grams

Submitted by: "fender"



Yesterday a buddy and I were celebrating the fourth and we had 1500 grams of
flash powder so we decided to use 500 of it in a single bomb. I know many of
you won't even mix 100 grams of that stuff and it was pretty dumb, but HOLY
SHIT it was huge. We taped off the fuse inside so it wouldnt touch the powder
until it got into the very center. We set it next to a freshly cut cedar stump
that was about 3 feet in diameter and it obliterated the thing. If anyone is
interested we videotaped it and will soon have it online. The only thing to sum
it up correctly is mighty fuck. Mighty fuck indeed.

Chemical Fire

Submitted by: K9






These pics were taken by friends who happened to be watching. I scanned the pics so they aren't the best quality.

Sugarchlor is a pic of a sugar/potassium chlorate mix that was ignited by a drop or two of sulfuric acid for fun. It looks whiter in the pic that in really did look - it had a more  pinkish tinge. The flame got a bit higher, but the pic was taken at this point.

Sugarchlor2 shows the aftermath of the beaker.

Chlorfire was just a quick little potassium chlorate mix for a party. Some people are amazed at quite small things.

Chlorfire2 was taken a bit after the first. No, none of those people are me.

144 Tubes

Submitted by: Haggis



Here are the large amount of tubes I have aquired for the summer. There are 144 Total and were purchased from United Nuclear.

"M60E3 MG" Media

Submitted by: M60E3 MG


My first AP synth, a pretty poor yield as I didn't use enough HCL acid, and wouldn't wait any longer for it to form, but that's what you get for being an impatient bastard like me :)


I used some in a paper 'Cap' with a sparkler fuse to destroy a spud, then rolled the rest up in newspaper and detonated it underground. I've lost the photo's though, nothing exciting anyway.

My 4'th useful synth was nothing unusual, i used Megalomania's synth, but doubled the quantity's.
I used most of it to turn two computer power supply units inside out, this time using a half full 'Party popper' as a casing and detonator.

AP PS1.jpg
AP PS2.jpg

The lid to the AP container is only placed on loosely when I store the empty container, never when I store AP. All detonations were carried out inside my blast box, not in the open because I live in a residential area.

5'th synth as above, except I mixed it with NH4NO3 to create APAN, here are its effects on a CDROM drive.


I removed the laser to fit the reshaped party popper in the middle of the drive, but shoved the laser under the loading deck so it would be smashed by the direct blast wave anyway.
The drive was pulled along by the string and detonated against the end of the box.
The hard drive was disappointing, although the APAN disassembled it quite effectively, I didn't take after shots.

I used APAN to finish off the computer that the drives came from.
2 full poppers inside the power supply with a paslode nail gun cartridge, and one inside a laser printer power supply in between the expansion cards.


The cartridge failed to burst but overall it was quite satisfying to finally get rid of that 486.

My latest test was approx 6 grams of APAN inside a paper cartridge that i slid inside a steel tube to test the strength of the explosive on a pressure rated, fire sprinkler system pipe.
using a party popper as the standard detonator, the explosion was devastating on the pipe and my blast box.

Never use steel casings kiddies!
The lid was weighted with several paving stones, but still flew several feet into the air.

Because my .50 Cal machine gun model isn't pyro related I won't go into it too much.
All you need to know is it isn't finished and it will never be able to fire any kind of ammo, because it is 90% wood.

Complete with rivets, retracting slide handle, flak plate, and opening top cover.

Also my spud guns

But don't ask stupid questions like "Dose that gun shoot bullets" or " how can  I make a B*mb like that"

Remember kiddies, Don't try this at home.

Haggis Media

Submitted by: Haggis





Here are my COB pictures.  The COB was attached to the hinges of the safe. The door was shut and the fuse was lit.  When it went off, two large pieces punctured the back and one imbedded itself deeply into a railroad tie.  The rest of the safe was thrown 50 feet away in pieces.  The dial was shattered and the hinges ripped cleanly off.  There was no real objective to the safe being blown, the thing was just laying around and begging to be destroyed.







I believe the pictures are self explanatory :) (4.8MB)

My collection of movies here.

80 Bux

Submitted by: "Max stert"



This is a picture of me, my cousin and my brother with all the fireworks we bought for $80!

Every year I go up to washington with my brother and cousin (both in pic) and we go to the Indian Reservations were they have there litte stands. So what we did is waited till the 5th of July and the guy was packing up to leave so we said that we will take it off his hands. So he was tired of packing it so he just said 80 for everything.

Explosive Peroxide Videos

Submitted by: Static Firefly


AP potato.wmv


Cooking Food With AP.wmv


The first 2 test videos are pretty boring.  a drop of mekp and a pea sized ball of AP.  the other 2 a more fun.  I cooked the tin with a coke lid half full of AP and the potato 1gram of ap.

"Dump Area" Mishap

Submitted by: Agent Boris_KGB




These images are from a accident I had awhile back...Along time ago...I didnt havethe digital cam then,But I did take a couple pictures....Well I learned to never mix spent acids from AP and HMTD,AN ,and Aluminum based flash powder....Iaccidently did that once because I used the pot for a sort of dump area...Well, the Al and the AN must have reacted with each other and managed to create enough heat to set off the small amount of AP and HMTD crystals that were left in the spent acid and that detonated a small amount of AN....Big Mistake...I found a brick that was in the pot was blown about 36feet 7inchs away...and I am still finding pieces of siding all over the yard...Well I do all my dumping of things in seperate areas away from the house nowadays...

Glassware & Chemicals

Submitted by: Agent Boris_KGB


File: (1.3MB)

KCLO4 Tests

Submitted by: Nika452

A pressed flash powder flare

A small whistle rocket static test

Same as above, with a friend's dog is the background

Workbench Mishap

By Anthony Apon Request From Rat_Bastard.

Info: A series of pictures showing the dangers of dealing with Explosive peroxides; full story here:

File: (158K)

HMTD Vs. Computer Monitor

Submitted by: Another Henry

Info: I filled a 35mm film cannister (packed) with HMTD, inserted a party popper charge with the string going through a small hole in the lid. Duct-taped. Placed inside a 15" monitor that I'd removed the interesting bits from, so it was basically just the CRT in a case.

File: (891K)

Thermite Reaction

Submitted by: *Unknown*

Info: NOTE: A long time ago someone contacted me, and wanted me to host these images for him. Unfortunatley, I lost the email and further info on this person.

File: (1.1MB)

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