Tools & Equipment Use the right tools for the right job!

Safety Equipment is an absolute MUST when working with pyrotechnics. Powders and metal powders create dust that can be harmful to your lungs if breathed in, so always use a mask. Gloves are good when working with propane stoves, and other hot stuff. Ear protection is very good (for obvious reasons). And a face shield is great if you are working with very unstable stuff.

Tapes are very useful for reinforcing simple salutes and many other uses.

Glues & Adhesives are very important to have for many obvious reasons.

Click here for Epoxy use & info!

Glue Gun: A very useful tool, hot glue sets fast and is pretty decent. It is used alot in class C fireworks, to secure tubes together in cakes, and to fill in gaps and seal fuses in the fuse holes. And NO it is not hot enough to set off Black powder.

Pliers Can be used in many ways, as crushing some powders and other things.

Sissors are pretty useful for obvious reasons, and shears are good for working for tough things like tin cans.

Clamps are very useful for holding things in place while working on them. They arte most handy when you need something to be held together when they have been glued, and they need time to dry.

Exacto Knives are one of the most important tools in your tool shop. Used mainly to cut through casings and make precision cuts in materials.

Drills are very important for drilling fuse holes, nozzles, ect.

Scales are a MUST when working with pyrotechnics. Almost all pyrotechnic formulas are by weight NOT by volume (unless stated so). You simply cannot use volume measuremens like teaspoons ect. for pyrotechnic formulas; You will get very bad results. There is digital scales and triple beam scales which are main scales used in pyrotechnics. When getting a digital scale, you want it accurate to 0.1g This scale is the MY WEIGH MX-120 digital scale. I got it off of ebay for about $30US. Normal price is like $69US! By the way, you cannot use a cheap spring scale.

Mortar & Pestles are another must for pyrotechnics. Used for grinding and powdering many things which are usually in other forms (IE: chunks, crystals ect.) Note that the finer a powder is, the faster it burns.

Ball Mills (no pic) are the BEST way to powder materials (it's what the professionals use.) They are basically a rotating drum filled with hardened lead antimony balls that grind up things.

Film canisters are incredibly useful. They are ideal for storing small amounts of compositions, because they are nice and air tight (most compositions are hydroscopic).

Lighters: 'nuff said.

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