Ever wonder how I take my photo's and what techniques I use? Those questions & more will be answered here!

The Camera:

The camera I use is the Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera. It is a 3.3 megapixel camera. For more info about this camera go here:


The Setup:

The setup consists of a curved piece of heavy white paper, two desk lamps and a camera tripod (not in picture)

As we can see in the two photos above, I have positioned the lights directly above the objects. And the result is pretty good. But in my opinion this is lame lighting, and is improperly white balanced.

Now things are starting to look better. All I have done is pulled the lamps down low and pointed them towards the camera. This gives a nice gradient effect. The only problem is the white balance is still off.

By adjusting the setting on the camera for the white balance from "auto" to "incandecent" (indoor light) we have dramatically improved the white balance.

Finishing touches

Now I put the photo in Photoshop 6 and adjust the levels. By choosing, and adjusting the white, black and grey areas, you can further correct the white balance. In fact, I could have just taken the photos and correct them in PS6 instead of just doing part of it in the camera, but you get better results. I also used the clone stamp tool to remove any specks of dirt in the photo. You can correct almost any picture in photoshop with ease.

Now your picture looks stylish as hell! hope this helps :)

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