Nov 10th 2003- Minor update, added the Oct 31 2003. Removed the HE section. Why? it was horribly incomplete; I have stopped making such dangerous stuff a long time back, and the other sections have better coverage of it.
July 2nd 2003- Large update! It's all over the frigging map! check everything out!
May 19th 2003- Minor update: Oct 31 2002 now up.
May 4th 2003- Finally! an update! check out the HE section!.
Apr 27th 2003- A little update on the fuses page. Sorry for lack of updates, but things are getting in the way
Mar 2nd 2003- Addition of the "reactions" section
Status Update: Feb 22nd 2003- Ok you got your damn update! Check out the new adventures at the bottom of this page
Status Update: Feb 3rd 2003- The Sk8 vid went okay, but it went without pyrotechnics, because of bad location. Asides from that it was still pretty fun. I destroyed my old camera and made a dedicated page to it's memory. Camera Page
Status Update: Jan 26th 2003- As of yesterday, if you haven't noticed, I am Eighteen! This week, I am getting back to work for some much needed updates. Very good news; I now have a sweet ass MiniDV camera! check it out:
The Sony DCR-TRV18 For more info check this out.
I have about 5 new cheap ass thrills ready to document, and a few sections to add, such as the much anticipated "Movies" page. Another section is planned for those who like to read a little. It's my adventures and other stuff. Also some friends contacted me to do some pyrotechnic stiff for their sk8 video, where they smash a bunch of old electronics, and I get to blow some up! Ill document the event with pictures and movies.


*NOTE* My section is still under construction so a couple (3 out of 14) of the sections are missing. One last note, my webpage builder spell checker is corrupted and does not work, so don't freak out if you see any spelling errors mmkay?

For now you can check out my old rants & raves from 2001 (They might seem harsh, but I have mellowed out since then.):

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