No firework or pyrotecnic device could function without a source of ignition. In this section you will see the different types of ignition.

Fuse Ignition

Black Match & Quick Match: Black match is one of the most simple fuses, just a mere couple strands of string coated with Black Powder (binded with dextrin). Black match has a fairly consistent burn rate, but it's main drawback is that it is very brittle. The only real good use for such a brittle fuse is Quick Match. Quick Match is simpily two Black match strings contained inside a kraft paper tube. It furns very very fast, Ideal for setting off multiple devices in sequence, such as a pyrotechnic display.

Paper Fuse: Paper fuse is used in strings of firecrackers, but it is very cheap and has a very inconsistent burn rate. Not a very good choice of fuse.

Flying Fish Fuse: Almost identical to visco fuse (burns consistentley, and pretty durable) only it is not waterproof. It is commonly found in some types of fireworks. Some types can burn with a green, or red flame. -Thanks Aaron

Visco Fuse: This is the common standard fuse, called cannon fuse, visco, safety, or green fuse. Quite durable, very consistent burn rate and best of all it burns underwater! It can be found in red, green, or AMERICAN colours.

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Japanese Time Fuse: A specially made precision timed fuse for use in aerial shells. Burns contained (no sparks, or spit) but has to be primed.

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Stickymatch: Basically Stickymatch burns about 60 feet per second and is adhesive on one side. Stickymatch is used in lancework and set piece construction.


Other fuses

"Thermilite" brand Igniter cord Fuse: This is a Canadian brand fuse that is used for setting off "Safety" fuse with an adapter. It has the strange charastarsitic of having wire supports and thread around it. Apon closer look, it looks like a rubber coating beneath the wire and threads. It burns underwater, and has a very consistent burn rate. It can still be found at some gun stores.

"Safety" fuse: This is ta very durable and tough fuse, that is used to connect to blasting caps to set off a main charge of explosive. It has a thick plastic shell with wires on the inside. It burns completely contained (it burns inside the plastic shell) and it is waterproof. It's ignited via "Thermilite" fuse with a connector.

Fuse Delays

If you don't have enough fuse for a large firework or something, you can use a fuse delay, you can just use any plain cigarette and stick the fuse in. Easy as pie.

Note: you can also use an incence stick with a fuse wrapped around it, for a different method of delay.

Electric Ignition

Estes rocket igniters: Just run a 6V current through the two wires and the wire heats up enough to cause ignition of whatever you are using. Personally I use 9V becuase of higher reliability. The only problem with these igniters is they are damn expensive.

Other Ignition

What you see here is a lantern igniter on the left and a BBQ starter on the right. The BBQ starter works by generating a spark between the two terminals. The lantern igniter is simpily a flint, sparked by twisting the knob. These can be used for combustion spud guns. But note that these are both expensive.

These are pulling fireworks (much like christmas crackers, and almost identical to party poppers), they can be used for some kinds of ignition such as the infamous trick pen ;) .....but not much else.

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