Compositions are the mix of chemicals that make an explosive, they are the main focus of fireworks (duh). There are zillions of compositions out there, and I think the best collection is the PFP database.

The author is Andrew Krywonizka, who has given premission to place it on other sites. The original site is down unfortunatley, because some moron injured himself and blamed it on the author. The sad part was, his personal phone # email and other stuff was posted, and he got flames and calls. This really shows how ignorant and stupid people are on the net. They can't accept responcibility for their own retarded actions so they push the blame, and it ruines everything for everyone else.

All credit goes to Andrew Krywonizka for his brilliant work.

**UPDATE** Newer better Version avalible!

NOTE: Once unzipped open the "index.html" file, to view the PFP correctly.

Click here to get the PFP database.

Additional compositions (300 of them!) can be found here: Wouter's Compositions (All credit goes to the late Wouter Visser)

Another resource, but with more detailed info is Zero's EmE.

Click here for how to prepare CIA Blackpowder.

*Link*Click here for how to prepare High-quality Blackpowder.

*Link* Click here for how to prepare Whistle Mix.

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