If you are making a lance, salute, fountain or whatever, you will need a good casing. If you wnat a closer look at this picture below , click on these: image1 , image2 , image3.

Cardboard tubes are the most preffered kind of casing for a firework. They are strong, cheap, and most of all, they don't throw shrapnel.

Dowelling is very important for rolling your own casings, ramming compositions, or using slices of it for endplugs. However Paper endplugs are preffered.

Click here to see how to make good paper endplugs.

Plastic casings are okay, but can pose a shrapnel risk. Some poeple like to make some cheap bangers out of these, but they are not very high quality. You should rather save these for storing powders ect. rather than using them as salutes.

Beer Widgets are very good casings, probably the best kind of plastic casing for making "cherry bomb" style slautes. Various brands of beer have them in the aluminum cans (the tall ones). They are pressurised, so when you beer is opened, it rel;eases pressure from the tiny hole in the top, creating bubbles, thus resulting in foamy beer. Next time you are at a drunken party, start collecting these!

Used estes Rocket motors are a great source of high quality tubing. All you really need to do is drill out the nozzel, and clean out the tube.

They can be made into simple salutes such as this example above.

C02 Casings are quite dangerous casings because, when made into a COB (C02 casing filled with Black powder and fused) they throw metal shrapnel, that can injure you, that is why these are used from behind cover. For a good report on shrapnel, take a look at this one made by Zero: Cratermaker Shrapnel Testing . Asides from that, COB's are VERY powerful They are the most common devices used in Zero's Media section. If you were wondering where the huge C02 casing came from, it was from a lifejacket.

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