A pyro adventure by Rat_Bastard

Yet again 1 year later. At this time I was 18 now, and I could buy fireworks on my own. This year I ran into many problems, and other crap. The planning was awful, and I had barley made anything Except for a few skyrockets. Thats all. It was still a nice display, but I was promised a videocamera to borrow, that never came. So nothing really got on film, which sucked bigtime. I think $150 canadian was spent on fireworks this year. Even these pictures were badly planned. For example, 03stashbig1.jpg is of the first bunch of fireworks I got. The 2nd one is of all of those out of the box, and another 30$ added. After that I got a few more things that were not pictured, such as a 70 shot barrage, a pinnwheel, and a pack of butterfly thunder.

NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the stash, here they are:


This year I tried to make a death car like I did on July4th 2003 (page not up due to CD, and footage not sent to me yet) Although, well planned and thought out, it fucked up. We did our display down at the beach as usual, but this year halloween night was fucking freezing! We had a pretty basic firework display. Not much to really describe except for lighting all of the stuff in the pictures. As for the firetruck, it only half worked, and it went towards the water, where the front half got soaked. Oh well.
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