A pyro adventure by Rat_Bastard

....Well, here we go again 1 year later. At this time I was still 17, and I had to be 18 to buy fireworks, so My friend who was 19 covered the purchase. This year actually wasn't as good as last year's because my brother moved to Toronto. With him around we would have had a lot more fireworks. I forget how much money we spent on fireworks this time, but they were pretty damn expensive. For some reason (school probably) I had not planned this one as well as I could have, but oh well.

NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the stash, here they are:


Suprisingly, I had little projects made for this year, but I did manage to make a lot of Red Bangers, and other various salutes. This year we decided to do all of our fireworks at the beach. There was no project xploder this year so nothing really special happened. The big difference with this year was that I had my friend videotaping the whole event, so that was cool. Someday when I get proper editing tools, I will put up the video's, but for now here are some screen captures.

The screen captures

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