A pyro adventure by Rat_Bastard

.....It all began with a lot of planning, the summer of 2001 was the start of most of my pyro interest, so this October had to go well. Where I live, in British Columbia we get fireworks on October 31st. It really doesn't make any sense, because the rest of Canada has fireworks on Canada Day (July 1st). But at least this gives new meaning to "Mischief Night". My brother and his friends had this excellent idea of making a firework-based B-Movie, with a bunch of action figures. I was 16 at the time, and to buy fireworks you had to be 18. My brother and his friends were cool, and good firends with me, so I just gave them cash and they got them for me. This picture below was the final stash: My brother and my stash together. It may not look like much, but it was good. Canadian fireworks are overpriced and lame compared to US fireworks ( more on that in my fireworks section ). As I said before this time was when I started really experimenting, and was the first time I made KNO3 smokebombs. I was so damn proud :) Anyways, My bother and his firends stopped by thew value village and bought as many shitty low-priced toys as they could get with like $10. My brother called this Project Xploder.

NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the stash, here they are:


We packed up our stuff and set off to our location. We had 3 boxes, one with all of our fireworks, and two big boxes of all of the toys. We unpacked at the location and arranged all the toys in a town like formation. One of my brothers friends had a video camera and was filming the whole thing. We had a few bystanders watch the whole thing unfold, while we lit everything up. Click here for the Project Xploder video captures.

After we were done, and put everything out we saw a police car pull up, by the road adjacent to our location, about 100 meters away from us. I "said keep quiet, he is just watching us". We had allready put everything out before he came, so we were pretty innocent looking, and the location was pretty dark. But one of my brothers friends; being a complete moron, decided to lite a screecharoo. We yelled at him, and the cop got out of his car and approached us. From what I remember he said something about no fireworks aloud on this location, and that he was called here because of a report of a bonfire. The so called "bonfire" was just the jawsome base burning. My dad was there, so he did most of the talking for us. One thing that was rather odd, was how short this cop was, he was like only 5ft tall. We just had to clean up the mess, and we were outta there.

My dad decided to go home, but we still had about half of our fireworks left. We packed into our car, with my brother driving, and the rest of his friends driving in an other car. We drove to a park in another neighborhood and lit off some more fireworks, packed up, and quickly drove off to another location. We did this twice until we reached our last location, a skate park. We put screecharoos on the ramps and watched them liftoff. One of the coolest tricks, was putting a roman candle on the ground aimed at one of the skate ramps. They shot all over the damn place! We set off rows of airbombs, and whatever we had left. On our way back there was a drinking&driving roadstop that we ran into. Fortunately my brother almost never drinks, and we were fine. The officer commented "nice costume" to my brother who was a zombie in a trenchcoat. A few days after the whole event, I put together the footage and made a simple movie from Project Xploder.

The "Jawsome" character was born from this, and I made many spinoffs with him. In reality, the blue shark is named "Ripster" from the show "Street Sharks". This "Jawsome" character was featured in he short lived "kewl webpage review", as well as many other things I made in Jan-Feb 2002. Here they are:

Jawsome Speaks!

Jawsome Kills a Kewl!

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