An pyro adventure to the USA by Rat_Bastard

I decided to finally get a taste for US fireworks so, I set out to my friends place in the Seattle area. Let's say my friend's name is "D" to respect his privacy, so I will refer to that name form now on. After a long drive to his place, I unpacked and we planned. We went to another place where we picked up some junk for the event. The junk consisted of old telephones, and other crap. The next day, I met D's friend "M", who greeted me saying "howdy". Living here in Canada, you almost never hear someone say that. D's parents drove us down to the Muckleshoot Casino, where the whole firework reserve was set up. The whole parking lot was filled with stands. It was an amazing sight to behold. I had brought about $120US dollars, which is about $180. Canadian dollars! ARHG! We looked at the stands, with the people yelling out to us things like: "GO HERE BEST DEALS!!!" "LOWEST PRICES MAN!!!" The great thing was no tax for anything, and the deals were amazing! For only $5US I got 6 packs of 150 firecrackers! And some of the natives were really nice and threw in a few extras. Everything was so awesome! I got a brick of 144 bottle rockets for $5. There was so much cool stuff, that I could never imagine. I was so used to shitty Canadian Class C fireworks. (more on that rant here) "D", "M" and I went back home and put our combined stashes together for a photo shoot. If I remember correctly, we spent about 170US in all.
NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the stash, here they are:


I must say, Our stash was spectacular! D's dad had this old "firetorch" that had been kicking around (it's in the bottom of the stash pictures). It was a kind of flame torch that ran on kerosene, but we didn't have any, so we just used a lighter and spraypaint can. D's parents had a bunch of wood scraps and other junk that needed burning, so we piled it all up in a huge mound, doused it in gasoline, and set it ablaze.

NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the bonfire, here they are:


We had to keep the flames at bay with the garden hose. The heat was so intense, that we had to wrap our sweater's around our head making us look like some kind of terrorists. M had a bag of old unraveled firecrackers form last year, that he wanted to get rid of, so we chucked the whole bag of them in the bonfire. The constant noise made the horses next door uneasy.

When I went to the place to get the extra junk for the event, I found a large bag of hexamine tablets. They are solid fuel tablets used for heating and cooking. They are very useful for some applications, for example blue star compositions use hexamine, and it has some other uses.

Unfortunately, I could not bring them back with me. Oh well.

Here is a pic of the whole lot: Fuel tablets

Originally this whole thing was going to be filmed, and made into the sequel to Project Xploder. D, M, and I put togther the evil jawsome base for this sequel.
NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the base, here they are:


Shortly after, the trouble began. D's parents claimed that they would have a video camera for the event, but due to bad planning we got no camera. This setback really pissed me off, all these fireworks would not be filmed. I would have had so much more content for this site if it wasn't for that mishap.

A day before the event, we went to the nearest goodwill, which had a large sale going. Much like in October 31 2001, we stocked up with cheap ass toys to blow up :) With razorblades, and US postal tape, we rigged the toys for destruction. We called the vehicles "suicide cars" much reminicent of the "Grit Truck" They were basically a bunch of rockets jammed in the back of them, and then fused to a large shell.
NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the "toys", here they are:


One of the more impressive "suicide cars" was M's crazy creation: The DeathJeep. He spent quite a while on this little bastard ;)

NOTE: For additional high quality pictures of the "DeathJeep", here they are:


At this point in time M & D said "The stash looks good, but we are still missing something" So we went out and bought the last part of our stash to fill in the gap: Extra Fireworks. Ahhhh.... Thats better!

On July 4th we started to set off a bunch of fireworks early on in the day, to get a feel for our stash. When it got dark the unthinkable happened. IT RAINED! We had all of our fireworks out there, so we just threw a huge plastic tarp over the stash. An hour later, we went back out and lit off the rest of the stash. The suicide cars were spectacular. The Barney doll that we had was creepy as hell! You would squeeze it and it talked for like 30 seconds. When we lit the fireworks that blew a hole in his head, IT STARTED TALKING AND WOULD NOT STOP!!! "D", "M" , and I burned the devil doll into oblivion with our propane torch to silence the beast. We had used the movie function on the digital still camera, but it sucked major. The format sucks, and I cant edit it. The worst part was it could only take 15 second movies at a time. I decided to scrap the idea of making this a sequel to project Xploder because of the lack of video. Oh well, there is allways next year. One thing was for sure: The chickens survived :)

Here is the collection of aftermath pictures:


Final note: someday, if I can edit them properly, I will post the movies. But for now go here:

Part 2: The Movie Captures

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