Welcome to Krimzon Pyro, a media rich page focusing on the subject of amateur pyrotechnics and chemistry. This is a group effort combining pictures, movies, techniques and plans from many authors. Enjoy.

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Feb-09-2004- Update in EP's section
Jan-26-2004- Added the Unofficial KP forum link, and corrected some info in the fuses section on the Rat section.
Dec-07-2003- Update in EP's section
Nov-10-2003- Bug fix in David's section (Ap and TNP pages)
Sep-10-2003- 1st year anniversary of Krimzon pyro!
Jul-22-2003- I am sad to announce that David The Pyro has resigned.
Apr-10-2003- Pyrosite.tk is now here!
Feb-28-2003- I am sad to announce that Zero has left.
Dec-08-2002- I proudly present the newest section: Various Submissions
Nov-30-2002- Better, and more recent PFP added to Rat's Composition Section
Nov-29-2002- Update check added, should make things a little better.
Nov-16-2002- Compositions, Casings&endplugs, and firework section upped in Rat’s Section
Nov-14-2002- Movie update in Zero’s section
Nov-04-2002- Rat_Bastard's section finally under way.
Oct-23-2002- Guestbook & counter added as well as the old "rants" in Rat_Bastards section.
Oct-19-2002- Shnazzy ass new web design put up for the page.
Oct-06-2002- Zero The Inestimable's media now avalible here.
Sep-15-2002- EP's Site transferred, and now lives here.
Sep-10-2002- Krimzon pyro created!
Sep-05-2002- Krimzon pyro server and hosting registered.
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