Update! I have finally received some rocketry materials to make a few rather large composite rockets, I will assemble them as soon as I have time, but I've been keeping myself quite busy with HEs at this time.

The motor kit:


Rocketry.Org - A site with info and tons of links on experimental rocketry.
More links to come in all sections, if you have a good one, email me.

Personal/Club rocketry pages

Nakka Rocketry - Probably the best site around for KNO3-based propellants.
Jimmy Yawn' site - A good site on KNO3/sucrose propellants, it's very funny also. Lots of pictures.
John Coker's Rocketry Page - A lot of good beginner info, links, and more.
XRAA - Experimental Rocketry Association of Arizona.
John Dyer's page - Good how-to's for making motors.

Rocketry Supplies

Estes Rockets - Estes is where a lot of people get started in rocketry. They are fun, fairly inexpensive, and can be very simple.
LOC/Precision Rockets - HPR rocket kits.
Magnum Rockets - Kits, parts etc.
Public Enemy Rockets - Kits for large rockets.
Public Missiles Ltd. - HPR products.
CP Technologies - Sells info kits, motor parts, propellant materials.

Random pictures:

KNO3/sucrose motor with propellant grain: (pic from Nakka Rocketry)

Richard Nakka with a K class motor:

H class PVC motor (from

Big rockets! (from

A nice launch (from XRAA):

Impressive static firing (From XRAA):