Propane balloons


Balloon. Any size works, but small ones suck. 8 inch is the minimum for a cool one, best are the ones that get to 3 feet.
Propane. I usually used those small green tanks because I don't want to carry around a big one. The bigger ones actually work better though; because of their higher pressure you can fill balloons better and faster.


Fill the balloon with propane! There are lots of ways to do this, some tanks may have valves, or you might use one of the small ones with no external valve. If you use the small ones, I find a good way is to stick a matchstick into the hole where the valve is. Then stretch the balloon over it and push the matchstick in. This presses the valve and gets the juices flowing! Fill the balloon just about as full as you can get it, but don't pop the balloon, propane stinks, and it's a waste of a balloon. Tie it off and fuse it. The simplest way to light these is a tissue. Just tape it like a fuse to the side and light it. Regular fuse isn't good, because it will melt through the balloon, but not light it. If it does light it, it will just be a longer lasting little balloon flamethrower, which is kind of lame. You can also light them with a black powder charge or other powder. If they work right, they will make nice fireball that is quiet (good if you are in a city) low temperature, and doesn't really explode. They are very cool when it is dark!

Note: Use as soon as possible after filling. If you wait too long, the propane will settle and will not light, the balloon will just pop.

Frames from a propane balloon video

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