February 1, 2004 - A few new links, a new supplier listed. Most importantly, the recent launch of the Amateur Pyrotechnics & Chemistry Forum,
the unofficial forum of Krimzon Pyro!

December 7, 2003 - 2003 Party finally up, new links, minor updates, changes and corrections here and there.

September 26, 2003 - Created Star Mine and Cut Star pages, updated Flash Powder page.

August 25, 2003 - July 4th, 2003 is up, page on making M80's, Pyro Plans updated, minor changes to lots of other things.

July 7, 2003 - Fixed some errors in the last update, added Class C Aerial Salute, a couple new links on the Supplies page.

June 27, 2003 - Added pics and info to black powder page, homemade ignition page, nitrocellulose, and a few other scattered things.

April 25, 2003 - 5 pound AN/MEKP charge pictures and video!

April 20, 2003 - Fixed more dead pictures and links, revised a few pages. Another update will come soon with pictures and video of a 5 pound HE charge! Hopefully before too long I will have the TNP, AN based explosives, and HDN pages up, but donĚt hold your breath. A few new pictures here and there.

March 4, 2003 - Fixed a few errors made in the last update, mainly dead pictures.

February 28, 2003 - Major Update! I finally got this all done! I was actually planning on getting a few more things up like finishing the TNP and HDN pages, but I decided to just get up what I have because it's been so long. The biggest change is in the High Explosives page. New experiments, stories, and additions to the Tools and HE Chems page. Other changes include new Links and Suppliers, along with minor revision of a number of pages.

December 25, 2002 - It seems I messed up a lot of things in my last update and many pictures did not work. Letžs hope I fixed them all this time.

December 23, 2002 - Erased old news that didn't matter, added Bird Bomb page, new pictures on Other Powder page, Tools page, Casings page, new pictures in HE Chems page, Homemade Fuse/Ignition. I have gotten a variety of new chemicals and glassware, so my next update will have lots of new content such as flash/burst powder tests, HE tests, and more!

December 11, 2002 - New page: HE Chemicals.

December 7, 2002 - New links, a banner for my site, minor revision to a few pages.

November 26, 2002 - New links, started Rocket page, updated Supplies page, a few other small things.

November 16, 2002 - New links, updated Estes Powder and Impact Salutes pages. I have an order of chemicals that should be in soon, once I get them I will make some significant additions to the Powders page and the Experiments page.

November 2, 2002 - First of all, sorry for having so few updates recently, I'm very busy with school and sadly have little time for pyrotechnics. Hopefully I'll be able to make some stuff when we have a break from school. New Links have been added and there is new info and pics in the Tools section.

October 19, 2002 - Minor updates to Aluminum/Magnesium, Suppliers pages. Two new links, new forum review/link.

October 5, 2002 - New page: More accidents (copied from rec.pyrotechnics). Fixed errors in Pure Pyro, minor updates to forum page.

October 1, 2002 - Updates to main page, tons of new links, new link in flamethrower page, update to forums page, new info on the fireballs page, new stuff on the homemade fuse page, updated plans, .

September 21, 2002 - New hosting thanks to Krimzon Pyro and Rat Bastard! A few minor changes made, more coming soon. It would take way too long to fix all the links below to direct them to the new addresses, they still go to the Geocities site (which is still up).