The daytime videos are larger in file size because there is more color info to store (not much black like at night). My videos are in quicktime format. In some of the night videos, a picnic table can be seen and gives you an idea of the size of things. If you have the same version of Quicktime I do (you probably don't), frame by frame viewing can be done by clicking the button on the bottom right that has 4 white squares. Then click the arrow buttons in the middle of the menu that comes down. I have a seperate site that the videos are uploaded. This is because very few hosts allow files to be over 500k, some even have a 200k limit! That's no good for videos, but Geocities does allow large files, so videos are there and the main site is here so I don't fill up my alloted space.

My Videos

Other videos (links)

Knob Creek and BiggerHammer - Knob Creek is a machine gun shoot, but there is also some pyro, like shooting barrels of gas and flamethrowers. On BiggerHammer, click on the Knob Creek links and at the Knob Creek site just click the video link. The "blast away" and "napalm serenade" are the best of them.

Exploding fireworks factory-This happened on May 15, 2000 in Holland. 22 people were killed and many people were injured. About 100 houses were destroyed and many more damaged. The video is incredible. Download "explosion_from_roof.mpeg" Thanks to one of my Dutch visitors for the information.

Blastards - An airshow pyrotechnics company. Along with videos, they have some impressive stills.

The Basic Explosives Class - This is an explosive engineering/mining class website from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Vegas Implosions - A large number of explosive demolition videos.

More links will appear as I find them. If you have any links to sites with explosives/pyrotechnics videos, email me.