About This Site

I made this site because I like pyrotechnics and explosives a lot, and I wanted to provide a reliable source of information to others interested in the hobby. I dont do traditional stuff like fountains and shells because I dont have the materials needed, but Im working on it. When I am old enough, I hope to get a license and make that kind of stuff. Until then, I do what I can with whatever I can get. There are quite a few good pyro sites, but they are all what I call "pyro pure", I have never found a good site on "non-pure" pyrotechnics. Sure there are all those crappy sites like "hOw To mAKe kEWl bOmZ" and people who think they are anarchists, but those sites are all crap. Not only do most of them just have the "anarchists cookbook" or something, they don't know anything about pyrotechnics. Much of the info in things like the Anarchists Cookbook is wrong and will not work at best, and hurt or kill you at worst. Hopefully you will learn something useful on my site. And stay safe!

This is the third version of Extreme Pyro. The first was hosted by Homestead, and built with Homestead SiteBuilder. The second was on gecities and I did all the HTML myself. The third version isnt really any different, its just hosted by Rat_Bastard instead of Geocities. I know its not the most high tech or best looking site, but I dont really care because a) Im more interested in info than looks and b) Im lazy.

A few notes on my site:

TNT test