Any good pyrotechnics site needs photos and videos to keep its visitors attention. I have an older JVC VHS-C camcorder for video. To get the video into the computer, I have a nVidia Personal Cinema card which has composite in, analog in, composite out, and svideo in and out, along with a good GeForce 2 chip and 64MB memory. I hardly have a 'pyrotechnics studio' to do videos in, I usually just take videos from one of many test sites I have.

Now for photos, I bought a SiPix SC3300 digital camera with 3.3 megapixel resolution and some other nifty features. It was only $150 (plus $40 for the 128MB compact flash card), and you can get your very own at CompUSA. I do have a little studio for taking pics of stuff in my house. My mother is a photography expert, so I consulted her for advice, and I read Rat_Bastard's photography page to get started. Below are a few pics of my photo studio, keep in mind that I'm a amature pyrotechnician not a photographer.

An overhead view of my setup. After trying several lighting setups, this one provided the best-looking light. The lights include an overhead 75 watt desk lamp, a 45 watt desk lamp shining onto the subject from next to the camera, and 100 white christmas lights located in front of the camera.

The SC3300 (pic from owners manal pdf)

The SC3300 has 5 white balance settings:




^Incandescent light.

^Fluorescent light.

I think the Auto setting looks best, so that's what I'll be using.