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, run by Rat_Bastard, includes sections by him, EP, and this, and media by Zero.

The TOTSE backyard ballistics forum - a forum for those new to pyrotechnics.
The Explosives and Weapons Forum - a forum for people who are very experianced with explosives. It's like a communist state there, the mods control everything: what you say, where you say it, and whether you can even say anything. I've been registered there for a while, but I haven't posted because I don't want to get banned and not be able to read it. There's a 2 week waiting period before you can post.

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-A backup of Zero's unfinished Energetic Materials Encycopedia

The composition database is chock full of formulas and is mirrored all over the internet
Short Fuse Pyrotechnics
NickSG/IceColdPlaya's site
Open Directory > Top > Science > Technology > Pyrotechnics
Desert Blast should be fun if it ever happens...
Dimock's Pyro Page
Tools and Tips for the Amateur Pyrotechnician
Larry Crump's Fireworks Pages
Black Powder Information

Amateur and Experimental Rocketry Network
Systeme Solaire build your own liquid fuel rocket engine
Richard Nakaa's rocketry site has a lot on KNO3/sugar propellants
Rocket Altitude Calculator page

BrAiNFÄV£R's Syntheses.
More Explosive Synths.
Glossary of a lot of explosive terms.
Megalomaina's Explosive Synth Site.
Zero's energetic materials encyclopedia.