Welcome to DavidThePyro's pyrotechnics website. It is here to provide information about pyrotechnics for everyone from experimental pyrotechnicians to the average fan of fireworks. Read the disclaimer before proceeding to other pages.

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Entire List of Pyro Projects how to's on explosives, pyrotecnics, and (eventually) rockets. It's what you came in for.

Recent Additions - Everything new since the site launch
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Fireworks General Info page
Consumer Fireworks (what you can buy)
Display Fireworks (what you can see at professional displays)
Rockets General Info page
Explosives General Info page
Photography page a little bit about my photo setup.
The Video Page contains all the (pyro related) videos I create. (under development)
The Images Page contains all the interesting images I have like craters, fireballs, and stars flying high. (under development)
The Tests Page contains reports on any head-to-head tests I conduct, like boiled vs. non-boiled H2O2. (under development)

Chemical and equipment suppliers
Local Supply - where to get chems locally
Information on pyrotechnics chemicals
Links to other people's pages
Legal information on pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnic saftey
David's saftey rating
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