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This is where you learn how to make things. I tried to make all legnth, area, and volume measurements in metric and imperial. All liquid measurements should be in metric because that's what most modern measuring glassware uses.
Note that the pages with a * next to them are ones that I have not really tested.
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Firework devices:
(April) - Black Powder based salutes
(April) - Film Can Ground Lampare (fireball)
(July) - KNO3 + Sugar Smoke "bomb"
(2002) - Coffee Creamer Fireball
(2002) - Roman Candles
(March) - Soda Bottle Salute
(2002) - M-80s
(2002) - Polumna firecrackers
(2002) - Salute shell, aka air bomb
(July) - Stars* UC
(July) - Cut Stars
(July) - Priming Stars

(March) - NiChrome Igniter like the estes ones. UC
(April) - Christmas Light Igniter UC
(July) - Paper Fuse
(March) - Black match
(March) - Quick match
(March) - KNO3 fuse
(April) - Golden powder fuse (ascorbic acid fuse)
(March) - Match fuse

Firework compositions:
(July) - Meal powder - Black powder in a finely ground state
(July) - CIA Black Powder - Black powder produced by the precipitation/CIA method.
(July) - Lift Powder - Granulated Black powder suitable for lifting shells.
(July) - H3 - KClO3 and Charcoal.
(June) - Metal Grinding Machine
(June) - Aluminum Powder from aluminum foil
(March) - Golden Powder - ascorbic acid and KNO3)
(April) - Colored Fire Compositions

(April) Nitric Acid Replacement (mixed acid) - you don't need to buy 70% nitric acid.
(April) - Acetone peroxide
(April) - Trinitrophenol (Picric acid, TNP)
(July) - HMTD (Hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine)
(March) - ANFO (ammonium nitrate + fuel oil) (testing nearing completion... one of these days)
(2002) - APAN (acetone peroxide + ammonium nitrate)*
(July) - MEKPAN (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide + ammonium nitrate)
(July) - MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide)
(April) - Nitroglycerine*
(March) - Conical Shaped Charges
(March) - Linear Shaped Charges

(March) - Re-Crystallized rocket fuel - the most efficiant way of using KNO3 and sugar.

Universal Cheap Thrills:
Forget about mine, check out Rat's section for the good ones.
(March) - Big-Flame Lighter - how to crank up one of those cheap adjustible lighters.
(March) - The Match Rocket - I had a hard time deciding if I should put this in cheap thrills or in rockets, but it's cheap so here it is.
(March) - Fuel-Air Ignitions - aren't really explosions so I call them ignitions, but they're still fun.

Other Articles an Randomness by DavidThePyro (not that interesting, mostly here just so I can have a place to save them):
(2002) - Tips on Ball-Milling
(2002) - Explosives Cost Compairison and a list of the explosives I'll deal with.
(2002) - GO HERE TO LEARN HOW TO KILL EVERYONE IN YOUR SCHOOL!!! - don't take it seriously or anything, just a joke I made a long time ago.