It was back in the summer of 2001 that I got interested in pyrotechnics and chemistry, and I must say that I was quite the fast learner. Originally I was just another plain fool who didn't know much about the subject, and I believed the stupid misconceptions and bullshit perpetrated by the media, and the plague of the dreaded "Crapbooks" . I quickly learned the truth and got the right info, and got better. I found many difficulties in pursuing my interest because of where I live (Canada). I like this place, but there is a very limited selection of fireworks, suppliers ect. to support my interest in pyrotechnics. That is why I paid a visit to the U.S on the 4th of July on 2 seperate occasions. I mainly learned my info from many sources and message boards. After collecting a large amount of info, I wanted to share the knowledge in the form of a webpage. I was disappointed of how many good webpages were screwed around by many popups and limited bandwidth, because of the consequences of free web hosting. This inspired me to make this site a group effort, so I started by contacting EP and hosting his entire site here. The main focus of this site is rich media (IE: Pictures & video clips) mainly because I am so sick of the amount of shitty sites showing nothing but innacurate textfiles and other K3wl crap. I think that pretty much sums up this site, so if you want to just comment on this site, post an entry in the guestbook, but if you have a question email me.

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